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  Exposing Cyber Espionage and Ransomware

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IP Under Attack

In today’s business world, the value of a company’s Intellectual Property (IP) often exceeds the value its physical assets. Design for a new device, a chemical formula, a customer list or plans for the launch of a new product – intellectual property is critical to a company’s ability to compete and thrive. The threats to IP are clear – a company’s future can be literally compromised by commercial espionage, theft or by being locked and held for ransom.

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An Always Evolving Threat Map

The scope, complexity and pace of malicious attacks on information assets are skyrocketing. Attackers and adversaries are hard at work embellishing their strategies and tools with arrays of the latest digital capabilities and advancements. Therefore, those charged with securing information must not hesitate to enhance their cyber defense strategies, equipping their fortifications with the most advanced tools and capabilities at least as fast as the attackers.

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Intelligent Deception Keeps Data Safe

Coupling proactive, intelligent deception with deep traffic analysis, TopSpin’s DECOYnet™ yields much better results than competing solutions which rely on either decoy-only or traffic-monitoring only approaches. Intelligent deception incorporates a variety of mechanisms to lure attackers and to detect attacks in progress and provide all the necessary information about attacker activities as they occur. >> Read more

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