TopSpin Security Protects Assets from Cyber Attackers

October 24, 2016

TopSpin Security First to Combine Threat Intelligence and Advanced Asset Profiling in Intelligent Deception Solutions to Protect Assets from Cyber Attackers — New Release of DECOYnet™ Intelligent Deception and Detection Platform Profiles Network and Automatically Deploys and Adapts Deception Coverage for Changing Network Conditions.


Deception for Protection

October 14, 2016

As organizations move away from perimeter defense and toward post-breach detection, deception is gaining popularity as a successful defensive tool, according to a new report. Deception strategy uses decoys, traps, lures and other methods to “cause confusion, waste the attackers’ time and deflect the attack by sending them down the wrong path,”  according to the report, “Applying Deception Mechanisms for Detecting Sophisticated Cyber Attacks,” from TopSpin Security.


Deception mechanisms for detecting sophisticated attacks

October 12, 2016

Private information stored in document files is the most popular target for attacks coming from professional hackers, according to TopSpin Security. File traps, including Office files, recent docs and deleted docs, were touched the most times during the research.


Machines like your apps, while humans prefer your files, study finds

October 12, 2016

Enterprise document files are the most popular target of human cyberattackers, while applications are the focus of automated attacks, according to a study released Wednesday by TopSpin Security.

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Deception technology grows and evolves

Aug. 29, 2016

, CSO Online

According to a report released in August by research firm Technavio, the deception technology market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 9 percent, and is predicted to reach $1.33 billion by 2020.

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Hackers Will Get Into Your Organization – But Then What?

Aug. 25, 2016

Doron Kolton, Founder & CEO of TopSpin Security

There is simply no all-in-one solution when it comes to security – the growing sophistication of hackers, the combination of human error and internal threats means every network is vulnerable. While many companies are still relying on traditional security methods, such as firewalls and anti-virus solutions, companies need to make sure they are prepared for when (yes, when) a hacker makes it through perimeter defenses, or a rogue employee decides to take data for personal gain.

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The Art of Intelligent Deception in Cyber Security

Jun. 3, 2016

While tools that protect a network’s perimeter are undoubtedly an important part of an organization’s security architecture, no solution – whether it’s a firewall or antivirus software – can prevent every attack. This is because it’s not an even fight.

Hackers only need to be successful once, while organizations protecting sensitive information need to successfully thwart threats on a daily basis.

Given that it is virtually a guarantee that someone will make it past the security protecting the perimeter, every organization must have a plan in place to identify external and internal intruders as quick as possible. Unfortunately, this is not what typically transpires.

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An advanced ‘Offensive Deception’ Platform using Decoys and Mini-Traps to Smoke Out Malicious Cyber Attackers

Apr.  4, 2016

TopSpin Security offers a unified network-based detection platform that uses intelligent offensive deception technology in a new way. Our solution, DECOYnet, reduces the critical time between malware infection (a.k.a. cyberattack) and its detection. When we say “deception” we mean that we lure the attackers into so called ‘traps’ by setting up decoys that mirror the network and its assets (endpoints, servers, file repositories etc.). The attackers are tricked into believing they’re seeing real assets, but in fact, they enter a trap.

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Employees And Managers Need To Be Educated And Be Aware Of The Dangers And Consequences Of An Attack

Mar.  31, 2016

Today, there’s a general understanding in the industry that there is no way to prevent intruders from getting into the organization. At TopSpin, we believe that a unified approach, which combines different security engines that work in parallel to identify the attackers’ activity within the organization, is the way to go.

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Deception Technology Enhances Honeypots for Cyber Defense

Feb.  16, 2016

Intellectual property can be as valuable as gold for some companies. And for those firms, leading-edge cyber security can also be as valuable as a precious metal


Companies Look Beyond Firewalls In Cyber Battle With Hackers

Jan. 26, 2016

With firewalls no longer seen as enough of a defense against security breaches, companies are looking at new tools to foil hackers trying to enter a computer network.

U.S. and Israeli startups are leading the way, with new approaches such as “honeytraps” that lure a hacker to fake data or “polymorphic” technology that constantly changes the structure of applications running on a computer.

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Israeli TopSpin whirls up a $7M Series A for honeypot cyber security solutions

Jan.  4, 2016

TopSpin provides a two-fold B2B solution for tackling malware. The first section relates to the misdirection within the network that is aimed to confuse and bog down an attacker, showing them enticing collections of conjured data. By directing their focus to the more easily found fake data, a.k.a the honeypot, a company can keep their real cache safer. This way, the hacker is sent on a wild goose chase through a system, unsure of what is really valuable or not.

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Businesses Brace for Cyber Attacks

Apr. 3, 2015

“In the old days, if you wanted to rob 20 banks, you had to go to each one of those banks,” said Doron Kolto, CEO of TopSpin Security. “In the Internet you just have to produce one piece of software to go to thousands of banks.”

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Hygiene, Honeypots, Espionage: 3 Approaches To Defying Hackers

Feb.  16, 2015

We’re still waiting for details on how the hack against the health care company Anthem occurred.
But there’s a classic approach behind many of the cyberattacks that make the news: An employee in the company gets an email with an attachment … opens it … malicious software in the message injects itself into the corporate network … and bam! The hackers are in — and can remotely control your servers, exfiltrate documents and more.

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Topspin Security, Ltd. – DECOYnet: Specializing in Cyber-Security

Oct.  22, 2014

TopSpin Security, Ltd. is a cyber-protection company that developed DECOYnet, which is a security product that does what firewalls, IPS’s and anti-viruses cannot do – it detects attacks in progress and defeats them. It reveals the presence of malware and attackers that have infiltrated your network and are trying to steal your information, using a new and unique approach of decoys and traps in the network, while identifying CnC-asset communication. Once DECOYnet has discovered an attacker at work, it proceeds to deceive, confuse and slow down the attack. SNNLive spoke with Doron Kolton, CEO of Topspin Security, Ltd., a private company, at The Israel Conference 2014 in Los Angeles, CA