Securing the health of your data records

For hackers, healthcare Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like electronic health records (EHR) is potentially far more valuable than financial or nearly any other type of PII. And while a credit card number is valuable only until its theft is revealed – medical records have long-term, near-permanent value. Moreover, personal medical data is quite useful for blackmail, as many unfortunate victims of healthcare data breaches and ransomware attacks are discovering.

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Detect sophisticated attacks in real time

Completely malware agnostic, TopSpin’s deception solution based on decoys do not rely on signatures or intelligence feeds, and can therefore detect new zero-day attacks as well as different kinds of malware that have not been seen before. This makes them ideal for securing PII, EHR and any other type of sensitive data.


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True visibility in a dynamic and distributed environment

Providing unique security visibility into network activity and applications usage, DECOYnet serves to reveal and identify the usage of unauthorized tools and processes and helps to isolate infected devices quickly and accurately.

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Making sure your medical devices are not putting you at risk

In today’s complex IoT healthcare ecosystem, the deception-based approach eliminates the need for expensive development of niche security software for individual connected devices. This is notably important for high-value, low-volume devices like MRIs – and on the opposite end of the scale – for high-volume, low-value assets like insulin pumps.

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Meeting strict regulatory demands

In an incredibly demanding regulatory environment, you need a solution that will allow you to meet and exceed security standards’ requirements. TopSpin’s intelligent offensive deception allows organizations to comply with HIPAA, PII, EHR and a host of other national and international regulations.

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