Helping financial organizations stay one step ahead of sophisticated attackers

Given the extremely complex and distributed nature of financial services networks, security experts are in agreement that breaches are simply unpreventable. TopSpin’s deception-based defense and offense levels the playing field between attackers and defenders –  TopSpin’s DECOYnet helps security teams focus on vital challenges without raising overhead, identifying and mitigating highly complex attacks, with practically no false positives.

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Intelligent Deception, Rapid Detection

Already deployed in major financial institutions throughout North America, TopSpin’s DECOYnet solution detects the presence of malware and attackers that have infiltrated network defenses. DECOYnet learns organizational network topography with zero impact on network performance.


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Uniquely Suited to the Financial Services Ecosystem

TopSpin’s deception-based paradigm is uniquely suited to the financial services network ecosystem. Operating completely out-of-line, with no need to actually access real sensitive information, deception-based tools have no impact on either network performance or privacy – both key consideration for financial services organizations.

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Mitigating the Internal Threat

TopSpin’s deception-based solution identifies and traps attackers – both human and malware –  independent of the means by which attackers entered the network. Built to simply defeat attacks in progress, our solutions offer effective protection from malicious individuals actively working inside the organization, as well as against outsiders who have gotten through the firewall.

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