Critical Infrastructure

Highly Visible, Highly Vulnerable

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Why Infrastructure is Critical

Critical infrastructure is the inner workings of society itself. From manufacturing facilities through power plants, from water processing to refineries, from military installations to hydroelectric dams – without critical infrastructure modern economies would grind to a halt. The ever-growing connectivity of critical infrastructure networks, in addition to the sensitivity of the facilities they control, make them highly-visible targets

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Sophisticated Challenges Demand Sophisticated Solutions

As security demands on critical infrastructure networks grow, compliance has also become an ongoing challenge. How to demonstrably protect critical infrastructure when the perimeter must be assumed to be porous? How to guarantee to regulatory bodies that your organization can thwart targeted attackers who have unlimited time and often unlimited, state-backed resources? To meet the sophisticated challenges posed by critical infrastructure security, sophisticated deception-based technologies are emerging as a cost-effective and highly-efficient option for critical infrastructure networks.

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Deception Turns the Tables on Attackers

Using decoys, lures and traps, deception-based solutions turn the tables on attackers. They take a new and proactive approach – engaging attackers, and enticing them with realistic ecosystems and data. Deception-based solutions are also more deterministic – since anything that enters a decoy is by definition doing something wrong.

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